Wednesday, November 19, 2008

For all Women ages 18 to 108!!!!

Welcome to Girlfriends!

We are about having fun and giggling (the secret to our sucess). We are about giving women permission to relax, unwind, gab, and find a place where they can belong and form friendships with other women.

Broxton Girlfriends offers large-event gatherings called G!Events. At these events, women can play games (cards anyone?), experience pampering (manicures, neck massages, facials, beauty care, ahh!), and enjoy snacks (including chocolates, of course). You'll also find entertainment, engage in helpful demonstrations, create crafts, and have some good ol' fashioned fun! Add to the mix a lot of music, ambience, and gabbing, and you have a perfect G!Event !

Girlfriends also offers smaller groups called
G!Groups. At these shared interest groups, women join others who share their same interest in activities such as cooking, walking, dieting, scrapbooking, going places, yardsales, and so on. G!Groups allow women to develop friendships in a smaller setting. Also, our G!Groups commit to give back to the community through projects such as walking to raise money for cancer research, providing meals for someone in need, etc.

Be sure to check out the Calendar of Events .

Click on any event on the calendar for more details about that event.

From One Girlfriend to Another,
Debra Pate
G!Leadership Coordinator